As a result of our strategic partnership with Forrester Research, our clients have had the opportunity to engage with several of their leading marketing analysts, including Laura Ramos, Lori Wizdo and Sheryl Pattek, at our roundtable and thought leadership events. We have recently completed a TEI with Forrester, highlighting the economic advantages of implementing our Pando platform. To learn more about this report click here.

TEI Report
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Implementing a technology solution that leverages your existing investments and connects your marketing and sales teams can seem like a complex process but with the Pando Relationship Marketing Platform, there are some simple steps to get moving in the right direction.  Check out our 5-step process below and think about how you can get started with Pando in your organization.


EarthIntegrate is a pioneer in the field of marketing technology with our Pando platform. Pando is the leading Relationship Marketing Platform that provides true sales enablement, localized marketing automation and content management, all while maintaining crucial approval workflows and compliance requirements.

While Pando is leading the pack when it comes to compliant marketing technology, it’s not what sets us apart. Our focus on the success of your implementation and your ever-changing marketing goals are what truly make us a unique partner.